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1. If ΔCAT≅ΔDOG∆CAT≅∆DOG, which statement must be true?


2. Blake drew square ABCD. Then, he drew the image of it, square A’B’C’D’A’B’C’D’, 2 centimeters to the right of the original figure. Line segment BC is 3 centimeters. How long is ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯B’C’B’C’¯?

ANSWER: 3 cm

3. Figure B is the image of Figure A. Which description explains how Figure A was transformed to create figure B.

ANSWER: Figure A was rotated 180˚

4. Two congruent figures are shown.
List all pairs of corresponding sides in the two congruent figures.
List all pairs of corresponding angles in the two congruent figures.
How can you slide, flip, or spin the figure on the left to obtain the figure on the right?

Explanation: Take a look at the image. If you use patty paper and trace the first image, tilt it to the left a bit, and flip it, it will turn into the other image. So take the patty paper and place it over the second image to help with your answer.
C. Rotate counterclockwise and flip

5.Which figure below represents a rotation of 90° clockwise of the trapezoid shown?

ANSWER: A or whichever ones top is facing this way --->

6.Essam traced his ruler on graph paper. He kept the edge of the ruler on the paper while he flipped the ruler over. Then, he traced the ruler again. What type of transformation did he perform?

ANSWER: C or reflection


A transformation that slides each point of a figure the same distance and direction. - Translation

A transformation that spins a figure about a fixed point, the center of rotation, through a given angle, the angle of rotation. - Rotation

A transformation that flips a pre - image across a line of reflection. - Reflection

And the last two are: Reflection and Translation.

8. Regina drew a triangle with vertices at (1, 2)1, 2, (3, 3)3, 3, and (4, 1)4, 1. She slides the triangle 2 units down to create an image. What are the vertices of the image?

ANSWER: (1, 0)1, 0, (3, 1)3, 1, and (4, −1) or A

9. Which transformation was used to create Δ DEF∆ DEF from Δ ABC∆ ABC?
ANSWER: Translated to the right three units down.
EXPLANATION: Count the space between B and E. That's three units! And do you notice how the second image looks slightly lower than the first? But not by too much? That's because it also went DOWN ONE unit!

10. The x-values change but the y-values stay the same.

I hope this helped! I am so sorry if this came a little late, but, I know how hard it can be on these tests! Especially if you really need to get it done quickly so you can do something else. Like spend time with family. Or if you need a mental health break! But make sure to try and take notes if you can and try your best.

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