standard english unit test
1.Which pronouns correctly complete the sentences? Drag and drop the words into the correct locations.(1 point)
2.Which intensive pronoun correctly completes the sentence? Select the correct answer from the list.(1 point)
3.Which easily confused words correctly fill in the blanks? Select the correct answer from the list.(1 point)
4.Drag each item into the correct location. (2 points)
5.Which sentences have correctly placed commas? Select the two correct answers.(1 point)
6.Determine whether the given word is a prefix, suffix, or root word.(2 points)
7.The yellow house with peach trim was very distinct. It stood out from all the other houses in the neighborhood.
What is the meaning of distinct as it is used in the sentences?
(1 point)
8 George said you need to take out the garbage before dinner, but Grandma said you could wait until you finish your dinner.
Which type of pronouns are used in the sentence?
and more...

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  1. Please post the 4 or 5 real questions you’re unsure of plus what you think those answers are. Then a tutor can help.

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  2. number 3. which easily confused words correctly fill in the blanks?select the answer
    i believed/believe/belief/believes she sitted/set/sit/sits it down on that table over there

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  3. … believe … set …

    If you post other questions and choices, be sure to indicate what YOU THINK.

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  4. thank you anoymouse 2 :)

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  5. 12. choose if the italicized word is a positive negative or neutral connotation
    1.the battery in her watch will work continuously for years.(this is positive)
    2.the sound coming from the leaf blower was monotonous.(this is neutral)
    3the mail carrier waived a jobial hello when she recognized us.(this is positive
    4. he wants to pursue a career in aeronautics(this is neutral)
    please check my awnsers.

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  6. @.

    1. Neutral
    2. Negative
    3. Positive
    4. Neutral

    Hope this helps <3

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  7. whats 10-13 on the standard english unit test?

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  8. believe and set is for question 3 for the ela unit test

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  9. The actors
    ourselves or themselves your welcome
    wanted to present the award to the director.

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