Cell Work Unit Test

1.What is the original source of energy in the food you eat?
2.Why are leaves red in the fall?
3.Which statement is true?
4.The original energy for photosynthesis to begin comes from:
5.Which equation best models cellular respiration?
6.Lactic acid fermentation can be modeled by which equation?
7.In the Krebs cycle, how is citric acid formed?
8.Which macromolecule provides the energy that starts glycolysis?
9.During which phase of cellular respiration is carbon dioxide released?
10.Which compound is a reactant in cellular respiration?
11.How many O2 molecules are required for two glucose molecules to undergo cellular respiration?
12.Which statement is true?
13.Which activity uses ATP to raise body temperature?
14.How can Gram staining be used to determine how bacteria respond to their environments?
15.Which statement is true?

2.Chlorophyll breaks down because there's less sunlight.
3.The Calvin cycle is the light-independent (does not need light) step of photosynthesis and happens in the stroma.
5.C6H12O6 + 6O2 → 6H2O + 6CO2 + Energy
6.Pyruvic acid + NADH → Lactic acid + NAD+
7.Acetyl-CoA joins with a large molecule called oxaloacetic acid.
9.Krebs cycle
12.Ectotherms cannot insulate (stop heat loss from) their bodies and can only control their body temperature involuntarily.
14.Gram staining helps scientists visualize bacterial motility.
15.Most protists only respire with oxygen.

(you can trust my answers if YOU want too)

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  1. why did you post the questions and answers allso what grade are you in

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  2. 100% correct, thanks again coconut!

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  3. thank you so much coconut again you are a grade saver

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  4. coconut is right but some of the questions are changed.
    10. During which phase of Celluar Resperation is Carbon Dioxide released? (Krebs Cycle)
    12. How many glucose molecules can undergo cellular resperaation when 13 O2 molecules are available to react? (2)
    15. Which activity uses ATP to lower body temperature? (panting)

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  5. girl and coconut are both right 100% follow my ig @noluvv.c

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  6. also if u have nevada conecctions, #8=electrolysis

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  7. So the conclusion I've come to is to 100% trust coconut

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  8. I only have 18 questions on my test-

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  9. 1-c
    15 essay
    16 essay
    17 essay
    18 essay
    19 essay
    as of 10-5-2021 cell work unit test pecos connections academy, believe me or not ur choice.

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  10. thanks coconut whoever you are <3

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  11. do we need to do the essay questions?

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  12. Epiy yes we do. Duh 🙈

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