Hey guys! Please help me with these last few questions! I have finished the rest, but I need help writing out these below. Thank you so much!

Is the relationship a function?
x: 0, 1, 2, 3
y: 5, 2, -1, -4

Four sisters, Jenny, Julie, Jolie and Jada, are saving money for summer vacation. Their mom gets them started by giving the older sisters, Jenny and Jada, $25 each and the younger sisters $15 each. Each sister will put part of the pay from their after school job in the account each week.

Jenny and Jolie will each deposit $8 per week. Julie and Jada will each deposit $5 per week.

Make a table for the total savings for each sister.

Week: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Model each sister's savings plan using an equation in the form y = mx + b.


Will Jolie ever have more than Jenny?

Will Jolie ever have more than Jada?

I'm really bad at functions right now, so if someone could help me asap that would be great. Thank you so much again!

- lue

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  1. since each x is used only once, it is a function
    if this was hard, you really need to review the properties of a function.

    Just fill in the table with the given starting values, and then just add multiples of 8 and 5, since that is how much each one earns per week. It should be clear whether the amounts match at some point.

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