A ballpoint pen cost 8 times as much as an exercise book. John spent 2/5 of his money one exercise books and 1/3 of the remainder on 3 ballpoint pens. How many exercise books did he buy?

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  1. 1/3 (1 - 2/5) = 1/5 spent on 3 books
    so each book cost 1/15 of his money
    each pen cost 8/15 of his money
    he could only buy one exercise book.

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  2. If your question means:

    John spent 2 / 5 of his money on exercise books, not for ​one exercise book


    m = John´s money

    b = price of ballpoint pen

    e = price of an exercise book

    b = 8 e

    When John spent 2 m / 5 on exercise books remainder = m - 2 m / 5 = 5 m / 5 - 2 m / 5 = 3 m / 5

    1 / 3 of the remainder = ( 1 / 3 ) ∙ 3 m / 5 = m / 5

    1 / 3 of the remainder = 3 ballpoint pens

    m / 5 = 3 b

    Multiply both sides by 5

    m = 15 b

    m = 15 ∙ 8 e

    m = 120 e

    For his money he can buy 120 exercise books.

    John spent 2 / 5 of his money on exercise books means:

    2 m / 5 = 2 / 5 ∙120 e = 240 e / 5 = 48 e

    He buy 48 exercise books.

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  3. my bad - I got lost in the details.
    Thanks for watching.

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