The cost of a table lamp was 2/3 the cost of a fan. A coordinator spent 3/5 of his money on 12 table lamps and 2 fans. He then used the rest of his money to buy another 4 fans and some table lamps.
(a) If he had spent all his money on the table lamps, how many table lamps could he have bought?
(b) How many table lamps did he buy altogether?

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  1. F = (3/2)T
    (3/5) all = 12 Tables + 2 Fans = 12 T + 3 T = 15 T
    so all = (5/3)(15 T) = 25 table lamps
    he bought 2+4 = 6 fans total so how many Tables?
    6 fans * 3 tables cost/2 fans cost = 9 tables taken off to buy fans
    25 - 9 = 16 tables bought

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