Read the passage.

(1) In 1751, the Philadelphia Provincial Assembly had a bell made. (2) It was for the new State House. (3) The bell weighed more than 2,000 pounds. (4) The bell was 12 feet in circumference around the bottom. (5) It came to be known as the Liberty Bell because it was inscribed with a motto about liberty. (6) Unfortunately, the Liberty Bell cracked in 1752 during a test ring. (7) To fix the bell, the Philadelphia Assembly had it recast. (8) Some people say the bell cracked again in 1835. (9) It was tolling for John Marshall’s funeral. (10) However, that is probably just a legend. (11) It is a fact that on February 22, 1846, the bell cracked again. (12) That crack could not be fixed. (13) The Liberty Bell has had a crack in it ever since.
Which is the most effective way to combine sentences 12 and 13?

In it ever since, the Liberty Bell has a crack that cannot be fixed.

That crack not being able to be fixed so in the Liberty Bell a crack ever since.

That crack could not be fixed, and the Liberty Bell has had a crack in it ever since.

That crack could not be fixed, but the Liberty Bell has had a crack in it ever since

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