Read the passage below carefully. This passage contains several grammatical errors. Identify y 5 grammatical errors, explain clearly, what is grammatically incorrect about the error that you have identifed.

Billy and noluntu likes to visit the park. Peter and noluntu choose the shorter route each time they go there. They walk across one main road and greeted an old woman who basks in the sun daily at the front of her house. At the park they see beautiful plants like lilies and roses and Jacaranda trees.

The park offers convenient places in the dorm of kiost, public toilets and some benches to sit. South Africa is OK neof the countries in the world where tourism makes billions in revenue. Bill and noluntu they work in the tourism industry. The Covid 19pandemic affects them just because in three ways. Firstly, they can go not anymore to the park.
Secondly, the Lockdown rules hit their industry so badly because international travel is suspended, there are no tourist coming to the country.
Thirdly, they are in the fourth month with no income. Like many others, their company have closed under Lockdown. The Lockdown has been reduced to level 3 but however they cannot enjoy their visits to the park like before. It is because they without money to buy refreshments.

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  1. We do not do your homework for you. Although it might take more effort to do the work on your own, you will profit more from your effort. We will be happy to evaluate your work though.

    However, I will give you a start. Proper names begin with a capital, e.g., Billy and Noluntu like to visit the park.

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  2. Needs help on this passage

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