Lydia is having a party on Saturday. Clues
She decides to write a riddle on her My address is a 5-digit number.
Invitations to describe her house The tens digit is 5 less than 7.
Number on Cypress Street. Use the The thousand digit is twice the
clues to find Lydia’s address. digit in the tens place.
The hundreds digit is the greatest even
number that is less than 10.
The ones digit is the product of 7 and 1.
The tens thousand digit is the difference
between the hundred digit and the ones digit

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  1. Sorry I made space for the question but it did not worked it stick all together

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  2. If the digits are abcde, then
    The tens digit is 5 less than 7 so d=7-5 = 2
    and the number is now abc2e
    Now work your way from there.

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  3. Thank you

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