Which is the first step in conducting a research project?(1 point)

A conduct research
B evaluate different sources
C identify a research question ****
D find informative sources

1. C identify a research question
2. C plastic, Pacific Ocean, sea life
3. B You can include .gov or CDC in your search terms
4. A check for evidence
5. A a book from the library
6. C date and author
7. B restating someone else's idea in your own words
8. B The information is clearer with more formats
9. D a chart listing the average price of gas
10. B townspeople at the fair
11. B No, the reasoning is not sound because it does not support the claim
12. C The evidence is not relevant because it does not relate to how fruits and vegetables reduce the chances of health problems.


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  1. They are 100% correct!!! tysm @Misha, I am Russian!!

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