Language Arts

1) Select the correct answer from the list.(1 point)
Evidence must be ____and_____ for it to be considered effective in supporting a claim.
2)Evidence is relevant if it(1 point)
3)Which of the following describes a claim?(1 point)
The answer are........................
1)Relevant, Sufficient
2)is directly related to the claim
3)a statement that presents the speaker’s position or opinion
Ok hope that good
Sufficiency of Evidence Quick Check

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  1. “Ok hope that good”

    Poor English. 👎

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  2. The only thing poor here is your attitude

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  3. 👎 :/ now shut up

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  4. And thanks for the answers Ella sorry about @Anonymous

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  5. Sorry I was rude.

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  6. Its fine. I was trying to give you the answers to be helpful. Not your friend

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  7. And sorry about my English. I was born in the UK so I forget I need to pronouns stuff better.

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  8. okay thats nice everyone but what are the answers, todays my moms birthday and i wanna say be around her

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  9. 100% is

    1.relevant and sufficient



    have a nice day

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  10. Noah is incorrect for the last 2 Questions.
    The correct answers are
    2.Evidence is relevant if it?

    B. Is directly related to the claim
    3. Which of the following describes a claim?

    A. a statement that presents a claim

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  11. YOU FOOLS, Ella put the answers under the questions.
    PAY ATTENTION, or I donut you like kakyoine

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