science 20-1

Describe how an activity series could be used to
a. determine the reactivity of various metals
b. determine the reactivity of various metal ions
c. determine whether a particular combination of a metal and a solution containing a metal ion would spontaneously react

I don't know if this I just worded weird or if I just don't get it but if someone could explain it to me that would be great because I have no idea what it means, thanks

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  1. Here is a link to show you the activity series.
    This series tells you that the metals at the top of the chart are more reactive than those below. So Li will dispace H or Cu or Ag etc. Any metal will displace any ion BELOW it. For example, 2Na + H2O ==> H2 + 2NaOH tells you that Na will displace H from H2O BECAUSE Na is ABOVE H in the table. Likewise, Cu + 2AgNO3 ==> 2Ag(s) + Cu(NO3)2 becaise Ci os above Ag in the table. You know that 2Ag(s) + Cu(NO3)2 ==> 2AgNO3 + Cu WILL NOT react because Ag is BELOW Cu in the table. So the reaction is spontaneous in the one case and no reaction in the other.
    I recommend you Google activity series and read about it. The ones I have read do a good job of explaining, with equations, of what is going on.

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