can somebody check my answers pleaseee?
The language used in speeches changes based on the __________




Which of the following describes tone in a speech?

how the audience feels about the speech

sentences that show strong emotion

the pitch of a speaker's voice

feeling expressed in a person’s speech******
The way the speaker chooses to deliver the message to the audience called___________




Which kind of sentences give commands?




Which tone might a lawyer use in court when delivering a speech?




Please know I tried my best on this one and the only reason I’m here is because I’m skeptical of three of my answers being answer D.

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  1. 3rd one is wrong but all the rest are right

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  2. Thank chuuuu :D @beans

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  3. In case anyone wants to know, my answers are correct except three, which is style.

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  4. The answers for the test is
    1. Audience
    2 . feeling expressed in a persons speech
    3. Style
    4. Imperative
    5. Professional
    I wrote these down by name because sometimes they change the order in letter choices this is 1000000000% right for those who are taking the Lesson 5: Language in speeches Quick check

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    ----Your Mythic Lady

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  6. @Mythic lady is correct!!

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  7. yea thank mystic lady i got 5 of 5

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  8. you're the best @Mythic lady
    1: what are cheesecakes
    2:dose it taste good
    3: how is everyone here
    4: everyone is the best here and i hope you all have a great day :)

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  9. why r we all connexus something as our names

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  10. idk but you know what they say when this kind of thing happens

    WE ARE FAMILY -Sister Sledge?

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  11. idk why either but i'm just a cool guy its in my DNA- Nick young

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  12. We grow fearless by walking into our fears- Robin Sharma

    you can too be fearless

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  13. ummm...
    why u copy me?

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  14. E

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