language arts

4.9.2 - Quiz: Repetition Quiz
Language Arts 7 B / 4. Heroes of the People / 4.9. Repetition

In "A Wolf and Little Daughter," which element is repeated so that tension builds in the story?
D. little daughter picks flowers

Which situation happens more than once in "Better Wait Till Martin Comes"?
C. a cat comes and sits next to the fireplace

In "Better Wait Till Martin Comes," when each new cat appears, readers most likely
B. become more worried about john

Near the end of "Better Wait Till Martin Comes," when all the cats repeat the phrase, "Better wait till Martin comes,” it creates a feeling of
A. dread

In "Better Wait Till Martin Comes," when the cats repeat, "Better wait till Martin comes” the final time, which effect does it have on the story?
A. the story reaches it's most exciding part

In "Better Wait Till Martin Comes,"when the big cat repeats the phrase "Better wait till Martin comes,” it makes John
C. want to leave the house, because Martin must be larger than the big cat.

for connections academy as of 3/31/2021 these answer will get you 100%

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  1. i got a 50% the real answers are
    I'm pretty sure these are right, and if they aren't then I'm sorry I truly am

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  2. 1.A
    Lesson 9: Repetition

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  3. CAssie is wrong i got a 33.33

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  4. This are the real answers
    1: C
    2: A
    3: D
    4: A
    5: C
    6: B
    those are the real answer because of the other 2 i got a 0

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  5. C

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  6. 1. d
    2. a
    3. a
    4. b
    5. c
    6. c
    these are the right answers don't trust them or you will fail please use this for checking answers or you will have bad luck for five years :3

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  7. Why are people lying dont trust them

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    1: D
    2: C
    3: A
    4: C
    5: B
    6: C
    Ur welcome

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  9. the language art teacher changes it up so no one cheats DUH!!!

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  10. im pretty sure the first one is b

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  11. If they do change it then here
    1) a cat comes and sits next to the fireplace
    2) create a sense of building danger
    3) seemed to john he'd heard the place was haunted
    4) dread
    5) it builds suspense by showing that the cats are fearless
    6) did you move

    There you go but I'm right you got the words and letters now

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  12. 1. A
    2. C
    3. B
    4. B
    5. B
    6. C
    you scammers!

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  13. whiteknife is wright i got a 100%

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