Language Arts

1.Which option describes a reason that an author of a narrative might describe events out of the order in which they occurred?

to elicit an emotional response from the reader

to create a mistake that the reader has to find and correct

to confuse the reader by rearranging the sequence of events

to create suspense by withholding information from the reader

2. Use the list to complete the activity.
Put the events in the correct order.

Ryan reminds his uncle that his hockey game is Saturday at 3pm
Ryan is upset that his uncle does not come to his game
Ryan's uncle misses the game because he wrote 5pm on his calendar instead 3pm
Ryan's uncle promises to be there to cheer him on

3. Use the dialogue to answer the question.

“Hi, Jules! Did you see my text?” asked Alexandra.

“Yes!” exclaimed Julia. “I told you that would happen! Come on. Let’s go to class.”

What can you infer about Alexandra and Julia from the dialogue?

Alexandra and Julia just met for the first time.

Alexandra and Julia are sisters.

Alexandra and Julia are friends.

Alexandra and Julia do not get along.

4. Drag and drop the words into the correct locations.
In a story, _______ can reveal that characters have a close relationship, whereas ________ might imply distance between the characters.
Options: casual speech
formal speech

(The whole test is 14 questions long)

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