Use the description of the modern fiction series The Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan to complete the activity.

The Heroes of Olympus is a five-book series focusing on teenage demigods who live in modern times and are the children of the ancient Greek and Roman gods. The seven Greek and Roman demigods must work together to leave their home camps in the United States and travel to the ancient lands in Rome and Greece. There, they must battle many enemies, especially the primordial goddess Gia, who wants to destroy the gods and the world as we know it. Once they accomplish this giant task, they return home and improve the demigod world by uniting the Greek and Roman camps in the United States.

In 3–5 sentences, explain the elements from the description that illustrate the common patterns of a hero’s journey.

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  1. Please Help.

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  2. anyone?

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  3. Name the 3 things heroes must do. These are obvious if you read carefully.

    Explain (tell why) each one is necessary.

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  4. so what was the answer

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  5. whats the answer

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  6. Adding onto what Anonymous said, you have to name the 3 common elements in the story that are typical in "a hero's journey". If you don't know what a hero's journey is, then you can search it up. The elements don't have to go in order. As there are only 3.

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