Ms sue please check

A scientist discovers a fossil of an animal and places it in the fossil record. The organism’s bones are similar to the bones of animal T, which appears earlier in the fossil record. Which conclusion is most reasonable?(1 point)
The fossils came from the same organism.

The fossils are from an ancestor of animal T.

The fossils are from animals that lived at the same time.

The fossils are from a descendant of animal T.^^^^^^^
2. Why do organisms evolve?(1 point)

Organisms naturally select traits that help them survive and reproduce.

Organisms with traits that help them survive and reproduce in their environment pass on those traits.^^^^^^^

Changes in the environment cause organisms to change.

Organisms make changes to help them survive and reproduce in their environment.
3. Scientists examine fossils from three different animals. They determine that all three animals share similar structures and record their observations as follows:

Animal A and animal B have somewhat similar structures.
Animal A and animal C have very similar structures.
Animal B and animal C have very similar structures.
The scientists use the similarities to determine the order in which the fossils should appear in the fossil record. Based on the scientists’ observations, which order is the most reasonable?

(1 point)

B, A, C

A, C, B

A, B, C

C, B, A^^^^^^
4. Scientists discover fossilized bones from two different animals. The scientists consult the fossil record to learn more about the fossils. Which question will the fossil record best answer?(1 point)

How are the animals related to modern animals?

What killed the animals?

Which animal was better equipped to survive?

Which animal is older?^^^^^^

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  1. Ms Sue passed away some time ago.

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  2. How sad. Can you check my answers?

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  3. I don't know enough about that subject to answer with any degree of certainty. Sorry about that.

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  4. answers???

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  5. Isaac no one has told me if I’m right or wrong

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  6. I think the C,B,A is right, bc that's what i put before i came here

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  7. They are all right except for #3 its ABC and for the last one its Fossils of Archaeopteryx have traits of both dinosaurs and birds.

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  8. @Hello you were right about the last question but #3 is actually A, C, B. Trust me on this one people I don't want to see people fail a class just because someone told them the wrong answer.

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  9. hi its me again !! im here with the answers :]
    1) The fossils are from a descendant of animal T.
    2) Organisms with traits that help them survive and reproduce in their environment pass on those traits.
    3) A, C, B
    4) Which animal is older?
    5) Fossils of Archaeopteryx have traits of both dinosaurs and birds.

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  10. I'm gonna go check space boy !!'s answers

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  11. Thank you @space boy !! I got it correct

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