Drama Form and Structure Quick Check

I really struggled with these answers and tried getting help but it seemed like nobody asked this question so incase anybody needs help with it I have the answers.
1. How is drama organized?
A. in acts

2. Which of the following describes a purpose of dialogue in a play?
D. to move the plot forward

3. Which of the following describes a drama?
A. a story meant to be performed in front of an audience.

4. Which of the following describes a soliloquy?
D. a character speaks private thoughts aloud to the audience

5. How are stage directions shown in a script?
C. italicized

I got an 100% with these answers and I hope you find them useful. they might have changed the answers around for you so thats why I put the answers too.

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  1. Number 3 and 4 are wrong.

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  2. i used his answers and they were all right

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  3. This is for Connexus

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  4. yeah those answers are completely correct everyone, thanks @........

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  5. What are the right answers?

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  6. 100 % the answers were right

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  7. what are the aswers

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  8. 2) C
    4) A
    The rest are correct

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  9. 100% correct THX :)

    following Look* bye ( join my 26 million followers )

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  10. 1:d

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  11. Answers for CONNECTION ACADEMY!!!
    1) C: in acts
    2) B: to move the plot forward
    3) C: a story meant to be performed for an audience
    4) A: a character speaks private thoughts aloud to the audience
    5) C: italicized


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  12. ty Kerri 33 that’s 100% correct for GA

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  13. Here are le answers
    2 to move the plot forward
    3 a story meant to be performed for an audience
    4a character speaks private thoughts aloud to the audience
    5 italicized

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  14. Thxx @ShAwTy..... The answers were 100% right for Tennessee

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