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Everywhere on Earth is about 93 million miles away from the sun. What causes days to be warmer on one part of Earth than on another? (1 point)

the number of cars on the road

the angle at which the sun strikes Earth

the rotation of Earth

the speed of Earth in its orbit
I need all the answers thx ASAP

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  1. the seasons change because of the "tilt" of the Earth's axis

    it causes the angle of the Sun's rays to change over the year

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  2. The angle at which the sun strikes earth.

    Your welcome

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  3. [ 1 ]
    What causes days to be warmer on one part of Earth than on another?
    * the angle at which the sun strikes Earth

    [ 2 ]
    Use this sentence: John lives on a part of Earth where the angle of the sun's rays are very high, and the latitude is low.
    Which temperatures does John experience quite often?
    * high temperatures

    [ 3 ]
    What causes wind formation?
    * the turning of circulating air currents

    [ 4 ]
    What is the convection pattern between 30°S and 30°N latitude?
    * Hotter air rises and moves away from the equator, then cools and falls and moves back to the equator.

    [ 5 ]
    What is the role of the Coriolis effect on ocean currents?
    * The Coriolis effect turns wind to the right in the Northern Hemisphere.

    [ 6 ]
    How does the Coriolis effect impact the Gulf Stream and the Brazil Current?
    * It turns the Gulf Stream northeast and the Brazil Current southwest.

    [ 7 ]
    What causes polar jet streams to form?
    * warm and cold air masses

    [ 8 ]
    Which explains how ocean currents affect climate?
    * Ocean currents change the temperature of air masses. Warm ocean currents transport heat from the equator to the poles.

    [ 9 ]
    Use this sentence: A student is trying to make a structure to conduct heat quickly during cold winter days.
    Which material should the student use?
    * metal

    [ 10 ]
    Which is a result of excessive convection occurring in the atmosphere?
    * more powerful storms

    [ 11 ]
    What makes greenhouse gases different from other atmospheric gases?
    * Greenhouse gases trap thermal energy and reflect the sun’s harmful radiation back to Earth.

    [ 12 ]
    Use this paragraph: Students in an environmental club research global warming. They present their findings to local industry leaders to persuade them to take action against global warming.
    Which action by industry leaders would directly address the causes of global warming?
    * agreeing to use wind energy as an alternative to burning fossil fuels

    [ 13 ]
    Use this sentence: A student creates the following list of animals found in a specific biome for a report: gila monster, rattlesnake, coyote, and jackrabbit.
    Which biome is this student writing this report about?
    * desert

    [ 14 ]
    In one to two sentences, describe characteristics of a high-pressure system.
    * high-pressure systems has clear skies where air sinks and makes cool dry air.

    [ 15 ]
    In 1–2 sentences, explain what biome comprises most of Antarctica and why the continent is described as being part of this biome.
    * Antarctica is referred as the polar desert because it is very cold there. It isn't considered a tundra because it has no permafrost.

    [ make sure to reword and change stuff in the last 2 questions ]

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