A book has a mass of 500 g and a volume of 1000 cm^3. What is the density of the book?

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  1. density = mass/volume

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  2. density = mass/volume = 500/1000 = 1/2 = 0.5 gram / cm^3
    which is half the density of water
    however if you are using SCI units, you need kilograms and cubic meters
    500 grams = 0.5 kg
    1000 cm^3 * 1 m/100 cm* 1 m/100 cm * 1 m/100 cm = 0.001 m^3
    0.5 kg / 0.001 m^3 = 500 kg / m^3
    which is also half the density of water :)

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