Electrical Engineering

Eight holiday lights are connected in parallel as shown in Fig.
3. a. If the set is connected to a 120 V source, what is the current through each bulb if each bulb has an internal resistance of 1.8 k?
4. b. Determine the total resistance of the network.
5. c. Find the current drain from the supply.
6. d. What is the power delivered to each bulb?
7. e. Using the results of part (d), what is the power delivered by the source?
8. f. If one bulb burns out (that is, the filament opens up), what is the effect on the remaining bulbs? What is the effect on the source current? Why?

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  1. if they are in parallel the same 120 volts is on each
    i = V/R = 120 volts /(1.8*10^3 Ohms) = 0.0667 amps through each bulb
    total resistance = (1.8*10^3 )/8 = 225 Ohms
    i = V/R = 120/225 = 0.534 amps. (0667*8 works too)
    P = i V = 0.0667 * 120 = 8 watts per bulb
    8*8 = 64 watts
    There is no effect on the other bulbs. That is why they are wired in parallel these days.
    There will be the same current through each so 7/8 of he original total current.

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