What is a shoe verb? Evidently "acheter" is one of them because of it's accents.
What are examples of other shoe verbs and what classifies them? Like, do they all have something to do with accents?

I am french i can help you but what's a "shoe" verb???

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. The "shoe verbs" like "acheter" are:

j'achète nous achetons
tu achètes vous achetez
il/elle/on achète ils/elles achètent

Now, if you draw around all 4 forms with the accent grave you get a "backward" shoe. That is where the name came from and you are correct in assuming it has to do with the accents!

Thank you, but also what would other examples be? I can't think of any verbs that I've encountered that have accents like that.

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asked by brie

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