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Digital and analog audio recordings have pros and cons. Do you think the pros of digital recordings outweigh the cons and therefore prefer digital audio recordings? Or, do you think the cons outweigh the pros and therefore you prefer analog audio recordings? Explain.

I have no idea what my teacher was talking about I don't want to fail.

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  1. I think the pros of digital recordings outweigh the cons! I prefer digital audio recordings over analog audio recordings because analog recordings require more financing and preservation. Compared to digital recordings, analog recording equipment is more expensive and the tape deteriorates over time. Which to me personally, doesn't seem to be worth the amount of effort since it's such a process to go through. You can possibly go into debt due to that. Digital recording equipment, on the other hand, is more affordable. It's less time-consuming and although it does have its disadvantages, they're minor. Digital recordings can be stored online. Its data get corrupted? You can get it back! It won't cost you anything.


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