The path of a softball is given by the equation y=0.08x^2 + x + 4.
The coordinates x and y are measured in feet, with x=0 corresponding to the position from which the ball was thrown.
A) Use a graphing utility to graph the trajectory of the softball.
B) Move the cursor along the path to approximate the highest point. Approximate the range of the trajectory.

there are many types of graphing calculators, it will be hard for somebody here to help you with the actual setting.

It is a disservice to students to "teach" this topic with a graphing calculator, it teaches you nothing about the quadratic function.
The question you pose is a standard simple question in that topic. I would solve it by completing the square or by doing the following:
the x of the vertex is -b/(2a)
=-1/.16 = 6.25
now sub that into the function and you have your maximum height.
I got 7.75 feet

the range would be 4 <= y <= 7.75


looking back I had as the x of the vertex

as -1/16 which should have been -6.25

I will not proceed because the function you gave makes no sense for the trajectory of a thrown ball
It is a parabola which opens upwards, thus is has no maximum, but rather a minimum.

was the first term -.08x^2 ??

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asked by Laura

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