Which option describes a narrator?(1 point)

the events of a story

the person telling the story

the main idea of a story

the location of the story


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  1. this question was pretty easy. ik the first three. am almost done with the quick check.

    the first three answers are:

    1)the person telling the story
    2) i and we
    3) third person

    reminder that these answers are for introducing a narrative quick check and if you get them wrong, sorry

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  2. 1: the person telling the story
    2: i and we
    3: third person
    4: what happens and where it happens
    5: context
    i’m 100% right

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  3. Are these right?

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  4. Visa tysm! I got 100% THANK YOU u3u

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  5. thank you @visa, youre right!!

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  6. Omgggg visa is right!!

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  7. Thank you so much....

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  8. my name says it all...

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  9. soooo visa died?

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