Multi-Step Problems ASAP

1. A volunteer took 3 cups and 7 quarts of a large bowl of soup home from cooking class. How much soup did this volunteer take? (Hint: There are 4 cups in a quart.)

A. 31 cups

B. 37 cups

C. 31 quarts

D. 42 quarts

2. Evelyn has 4 boxes with 8 pieces of sidewalk chalk in each box. She has 3 boxes with 9 stickers in each box. She gets 5 more pieces of sidewalk chalk from her brother. If she places EVERYTHING into a bin, how many items does she have in the bin?

A. 24

B. 55

C. 64

D. 72

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  1. 1. The easy answer is 7 qts and 3 cups. Another easy answer is 7-3/4 qts. Neither are those answers is a choice.
    So 7 quarts x (4 cups/qt)= 28 cups
    28 cups + 3 cups extra = 31 cups.

    2. 4 boxes with 8 pieces = 32
    3 boxes with 9 pieces = 27
    Brother gives 5 piece = 5
    Aded 32 + 27 + 5 = ?

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