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Gravitational Force Quick Check
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Assessment started: Gravitational Force Quick Check.
Item 1
Use the table to answer the question.

Planet Estimated Mass of Planet (1023 kg)
W 6.4
X 3.3
Y 59.7
Z 48.7
On which planet would an object weigh the most?

on planet Z

on planet Y

on planet W

on planet X

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  1. i think its X

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  2. 1.planet y
    2.mass is the same everywhere....
    3.the gravitational force on the moon.....
    4.the textbox has a stronger attraction...

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  3. @the correct answers is 100% right
    thank you!

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  4. tysm 'the correct answers!!!' 100%

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  5. 1. Assuming these planets were similar in radius, which planet would an object weigh the most? Planet y
    2. What is the difference between mass and weight? Mass is the same everywhere. Weight depends on the force of gravity.
    3. Which phrase describes gravitational attraction? the pull between objects with mass
    4. Which statement describes the relationship between the mass of two objects and their gravitational attraction toward each other? If the mass of one object increases while the mass of the other object remains the same, then the gravitational attraction increases.

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