English Language Arts

Could someone check my answers for me?
Key: < = My Answer
1. Use the sentence to answer the question. The men in the restaurant chatted about their dogs. Which word has a similar connotation and denotation to the word chatted as it is used in the sentence?(1 point)

2. Use the sentence to answer the question.

Bob walked out the door. Which word could replace walked in the sentence if the author wanted to show that Bob was angry?(1 point)


3.Use the sentence to answer the question. Kamala danced alone in the rain. Which word has a similar denotation and connotation to danced?
(1 point)

4. When you replace a word in a sentence with a new word that has a different connotation but the same denotation, you can change the?
(1 point)

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  1. they are correct

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  2. Tysm!!! ^^

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  3. 4 is incorrect.

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  4. Is 4 tone or meaning?

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  5. the last one is tone i just took the quick check and i put meaning in and i was wrong went back to look at the answer it was tone so 1,2,3 are right and 4 is tone not meaning

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  6. No 4 is tone stop lying

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  7. 1. C
    2. C
    3. C
    4. D

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