social studies

In what way was the Khmer empire influenced by India?

The Khmer empire used an adapted form of India's writing system.

The Khmer empire was conquered by India.

The Khmer empire's common people practiced Buddhism.

The rulers of the Khmer empire built stupas.

i have no idea

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  1. i need help any ideas?

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  2. I have answers ;>

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  3. 1. A
    2. D
    3. RUSSIA
    4. C
    9. C
    10. D
    11. D
    13 B AND C
    14 A
    15 B
    16 D
    18 A
    19 B
    20 A AND D
    There ya go have fun :>

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  4. Tysm! I have an A in Social Studies now!

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  5. . is correct

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  6. '.' is correct

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  7. . Is right I got a 100%

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  8. tysm i made 100

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  9. "." Is right

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  10. How do you have an 'A' if this was a practice

    Eh, what-ev'.

    Get some wrong so that it seems that you actually done it yourself because if you don't they might notice, also, just leave it open a bit because teachers can see how long you've been on an assessment and especially if you got all right in 7 minutes, they'll be onto you! ;D

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