what are the answer to growing up unit test unit 2 lesson 11 6thh grade term 2

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  1. ????????????????
    I need the answers too

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  2. Hey guys it seems like you are confused so I am here with answers!
    I did the test and I got 12/16 (75%) so here are the right answers to score a perfect 16/16 (100%)

    THIS WILL ONLY QUALIFY AND WORK FOR YOU IF YOU ARE DOING....Lesson 11: Growing Up Unit Review language arts 6 b unit 2 growing up

    1. C - Children who raised...
    2. B - she was raised... county
    3. D - The children... enthusiastically
    4. B - eight lines
    5. A - The repeated... emphasize
    6. B - Laws keep citizens...
    7. A - Shere khan hunting...
    8. C - Rulers are important...strong
    9. B- Although... My dog sheepie
    10. A The development...
    11. D - because thou art...
    12. D - wet and salty
    13. D - It seemed as though...
    14. D - providing details...
    15. B - The thoughts and feelings...
    16. C - They worry about the...

    Good luck everyone have a great day! ;D

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