Language Arts

This is Connexus 7B Language Arts: Analogies Quick Check

1. Which of the following is the best definition of an analogy?(1 point)

comparing synonyms and antonyms

identifying differences in words***

showing a similarity between unlike things

organizing words by classification
2. How do analogies help readers?(1 point)

They help readers analyze the relationship between words.

They help readers understand definitions.

They help readers identify figurative language.

They help readers to better comprehend a plot.***
3. Which word pair completes the analogy?

kitten : cat ::

(1 point)

foal : horse***

bird : eagle

dog : wolf

cow : calf
4. Select the correct answers from this list
5. Which purpose does the double colon serve in an analogy?(1 point)

It compares the first two words to each other.

It tells you what to say.********

It ends the analogy.

It divides the analogy into two pairs.
Please WRITE OUT the answers. They switch up the letters.

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  1. 1: showing a similarity between unlike things
    2: they help readers analyze the relationship between words
    3: foal:horse
    4: divide: unite
    5: it divides that analogy into two pairs

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  2. Thank you so much @Kitten. My grade went up by a lot.

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  3. True thxxxx

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  4. easy 100

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  5. thx kitten

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  6. Follow my tiktok @twisted.ranch.apothe

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  7. oh uh thanks..

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  8. Help me out a bit? OPTIONS ARE: Classification, Part to whole and Product to source
    word is to sentence as house is to neighborhood
    tractor is to plow as bus is to taxi
    wool is to sweater as wood is to table

    THANKS! <3

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  9. Thanks

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