Why do writers use transitions?(1 point)

to provide facts.

to state a claim.

to connect ideas.

to explain a counterclaim.

Which transition word or phrase signals the cause in a cause and effect relationship?(1 point)



as a result

due to

Which transition word or phrase signals the author is providing more information?. Select two answers.(1 point)


as a result


after all


Why is it important to vary sentence structure and use effective transitions in an argument? Select two answers.(1 point)

to keep the reader interested

to make the ideas clear

to identify causes and effects

to make counterclaims weaker

to repeatedly state your claim

Use the sentence to answer the question.

Many animals are not kept in their natural habitats at zoos, _______, they do not act as they would in nature.

Which word or phrase should be used as a transition?

(1 point)

due to




help please someone

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  2. 1. To connect ideas
    2. Due to
    3. Too and further
    4. To keep the reader interested and to make the ideas clear
    5. Consequently

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