A charity organization had to sell 18 tickets to their fundraiser just to cover necessary production costs. They sold each ticket for \$45.
Let y represent the net profit (in dollars) when they have sold x tickets.
Which of the following information about the graph of the relationship is given?

Answer options:

A. Slope and x-intercept
B. Slope and y-intercept
C. Slope and a point that is not an intercept.
D. X-intercept and y-intercept.
E. Y-intercept and a point that is not an intercept.
F. Two points that are not intercepts.

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  1. the profit is zero when they have sold 18 tickets.
    So, (18,0) is on the line
    The profit is 45x-18*45 on x tickets
    y = 45x - 810
    See what you can do with that.

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