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It was midmorning, July 2, 1937, when the two fliers climbed aboard their plane at Lae, New Guinea. The tropical sun blazed in a blue sky, and the plane glittered as it taxied toward one end of the airfield. Its pilot was Amelia Earhart, whose faring flights had made her famous. With her navigator Fred Noonan, she was attempting what had never been done before: a flight around the world at the equator. So far they had flown 22,000 miles in less than a month. Now they were starting the final legs of the trip
Which would most increase a reader’s understanding of the text?
A. an illustration of the people who traveled with Earhart on her journey *******
B. an illustration of the weather conditions the day Earhart took off
C. an illustration of the date and time that the airplane took off
D. an illustration of the type of airplane that Earhart piloted

Check my Answer please!!

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  1. An illustration of the date and time that the airplane took off

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