1. Select the boxes in the table to compare and contrast Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge's policies and actions.

raised tariffs

pro-business agenda

reduced worldwide armaments

turned a profit in the White House through frugal policies

2. Which significant events that ended in 1922 and 1923 are missing from this timeline? Select the two correct answers.
Washington Disarmament Conference is held.

Wilson dies in office.

Teapot Dome scandal occurs.

World War I ends.

Progressives take the White House.


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  1. Answer: The Lost Generation Quiz Connections

    1. Raised tariffs: Harding

    Pro-business agenda: both

    Reduced worldwide armaments: Harding

    Turned a profit in the White House: Coolidge

    2. A & C

    3. C

    4. D

    5. Before: Automobiles took a long time to build

    Both: it took many parts

    After: most people could afford it & people building a car did few tasks

    6. B

    7. Foolish/rural

    8. B & E

    9. Paragraph
    10. B & C

    11. Paragraph

    12. C

    13. The great gatsby: Fitzgerald

    The sun also rises: Hemingway

    Babbitt: Lewis

    14. Paragraph
    I just copy and pasted from Brainly, so the ones you need paragraphs for, i guess just figure it out, lik I am about to...

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  2. 11. The Harlem Renaissance was a movement in the 1920s where there was a gigantic exhaustion of black culture in the United States. In general, a pride was created for being black, and having so many blacks gaining prominence at that time.

    This contributed to the positive thinking of African Americans and the way they saw themselves in front of white Americans.

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  3. Everything above is correct ! Thank you, Kai

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  4. thank you kai! got me a 100% <3

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  5. Did you get anything for number 9?

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  6. Did anyone get number 9 and 14

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  7. Thanks kai sooo much!!!!! Much appreciation to you!!!

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  8. #9
    The amendment was made before people of colour could vote, so it only talked about white women and men. There was a lot of backlash about women being able to vote, or do a lot of things (like wearing pants!) for purely sexist reasons. Another example of arbitrary thinking during the time was "women can't ride on a train because their organs will fly out." which was purely sexist. After this bill was passed, women could vote and had more rights.

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  9. #14

    Authors from the Lost Generation were F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ermest Hemingway. The lost generation consisted of many poets, novelists (writers, mainly) who wrote about their real war experiences. After WWI consumerism in America boomed, people overspending way more than they could earn. This was because of the drastic consumption which brought higher wages and more jobs. This made people think that America became too materialistic (fair point.) Materialism and consumerism are often the topic of lost generation writers.

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  10. kai and Acy! You HEROS! !

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  11. History U14 L6 The Lost Generation

    1. raised tariffs - Harding
    pro-business agenda - Both
    reduced worldwide armaments - Harding
    turned a profit in the White House through frugal policies - Coolidge

    2. A, Washington Disarmament Conference is held.
    C, Teapot Dome scandal occurs.

    3. C, His flight convinced many Americans that air travel was safe, resulting in an increase in commercial aviation.

    4. D, The banking industry made it easier to borrow money, leading to an increased demand for cars and other high-priced goods.

    5. Before moving assembly lines: Automobiles took a long time to build.

    Both: It took many parts to build an automobile.

    After moving assembly lines: Most people could afford to buy a car. People building a car did few tasks.

    6. B, the growing diversity of languages, customs, and religions in the U.S.

    7. foolish - rural

    8. B, as consumers of products
    E, as citizens who could vote

    9. *Short answer question. You have to do this yourself, sorry!*

    10. B, voting rights
    C, jobs

    11. *Short answer question. You have to do this yourself, sorry!*

    12. C, It divided the Democratic Party and led to the rise of the Republican Party.

    13. The Great Gatsby: F. Scott Fitzgerald
    The Sun Also Rises: Ernest Hemingway
    Babbitt: Sinclair Lewis

    14. *Short answer question. You have to do this yourself, sorry!*

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  12. Hey yall!!! There aint no more copy and pasting here. You can use quillbot @ quillbot.com
    all you need to do is copy and paste the answer there and quillbot will paraphrase it for you! Hope this helps you!😁

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  13. thanks for the help guys!👌

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  14. Breaking and entering is never the answer!
    Kai's answer to #8:

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  15. The one guy who disliked kai's answers: 🤡
    Also W response from kai we need more people like u

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  16. Um so Acy lead you guys wrong. African American men could technically vote before women as the 15th amendment ratified in 1870 allowed men of all races (as long as they were “free” and owned property) to vote.

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