science 7A energy and matter in an ecosystem

In a food chain, with each feeding relationship, the energy transferred from one organism to another will(1 point)

be independent of the level.

remain constant.



Food chains normally consist of no more than (1 point)

six organisms.

five organisms.

three organisms.

four organisms.

The black bear is common to North America. Black bears eat many foods, mainly grass, roots, berries, and insects. However, fish and mammals—including those already dead—are also part of their diet. Some tend to wander near campsites and can develop a taste for human food and garbage. Given this information, which term most accurately characterizes black bears? (1 point)





What is the usual composition of a food chain?(1 point)

a producer and multiple consumers

a decomposer, a producer, and some consumers

a decomposer, some producers, and a consumer

multiple producers and a consumer

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  2. 1 decrease
    2 four organisms
    3 omnivores
    4 a producer and multiple consumers
    these are the answers

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