Lesson 19: Collision Forces Quick Check
1. Which unit is used to measure force?
B. newton

2. A baseball collides with a baseball glove. Which equation is used to calculate the force the glove exerts on the ball during the collision?
D. force= mass x acceleration

3. A 0.2-kilogram softball is thrown toward a catcher’s mitt. The ball is accelerating at a rate of 8 meters per second squared. With what force will the ball hit the catcher’s mitt?
D. 1.6 N

4. A tennis player hits a 0.1-kilogram tennis ball with her racket from the north end of a court. Her racket was traveling at 65 kilometers per hour. The ball accelerated at a rate of 10 meters per second squared. The player on the south end of the court hit the tennis ball with her racket at 75 kilometers per hour. How much force did the racket on the south end of the court exert on the ball?
B. 1 N

5. The wind blows a lawn chair that weighs 4 kg into a fence with a force of 8 N. How much reaction force does the fence exert on the chair?
C. 8 N

I would recommend going with the actual answers that I gave instead of just the letters because they might be different for you. Also, hint hint, #2 is a big hint for all of those, if you just do that that will give you the answer to most of them. On 5 you have to divide 8 by 4 because it tells you the force is 8, but that is what you are looking for in that equation(force= mass * acceleration, F= M*A). Hope this helps!!!!

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  1. yuh is correct i took it 5/5 :)

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  2. yuh is correct, is correct i got 5/5 too

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  3. Yuh could be correct but he/she could have also just commented his or herself

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  4. yuh is good I got 100% w/ his answers

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  5. 5/5

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  6. just make sure that when your using yuh's answers that you only use the word answers dont go by the letters

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