Ben wants to show hesitation from his character in his narrative. Which sentence is correctly written to show hesitation?(1 point)

A. I don't know. I mean. Um. The thing is. I'm not sure.

B. I don't know—I mean—um—the thing is—I'm not sure.

C. I don't know, I mean, um, the thing is, I'm not sure.

D. I don't know ... I mean ... um ... the thing is ... I'm not sure. ---

I think its D

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  1. Yes, I believe you're right.

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  2. ok Thank You

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  3. 1. I don't know...I thing is...I'm not sure.
    2. Time change in a movie
    3. Stu likes cake, but I like brownies
    4. "I can't believe you left," exclaimed Blake.
    5. "Didn't you say I could go?" asked Ben
    6. Sam likes to run marathons; he trains year-round
    7. Dee ate all her dinner and then asked for seconds: She had skipped lunch.
    8. Although I ran into my teacher, she did not give me the assignment, so it will be late.

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  4. @ RBG Girl is 100% correct thank you 😊

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