language arts

1. Choose the sentence with a simple verb aspect.
D. The hot pavement hurts our feet.

2. Susan will be working as a camp counselor this summer.
What is the verb tense and aspect?
A. future progressive

3. Which sentence contains a verb acting as a noun?
B. Sailing is my aunt and uncle’s favorite activity.

4. Which sentence contains a gerund?
D. Her chorus director does not appreciate Angela's fidgeting.

5. Which sentence tells about a goal that has already been achieved?
B. Janelle has become the team captain.

6. 1 Getting out of bed is the first goal I tackle each day. 2 Several small goals are achieved by me as the day progresses. 3 When I am riding the bus home or walking the dog, I think about the bigger goals I have for my life.
Which statement correctly describes the verb tense, aspect, and voice in this paragraph?
D. Sentences 1 and 2 contain simple present verbs. Sentence 3 contains both present progressive and simple present verbs. Sentence 2 uses passive voice.

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