Social Studies

I'm supposed to
(Quiz question)--> "Summarize the reasons why John Adams was not reelected as president in the election of 1800"

But I'm not sure what to do so I wanted to ask

(My question)---> Did the republicans not want John Adams to run again because he was a federalist?

or does my question have nothing to do with the quiz question.

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  1. John Adams did not get reelected as president in the election of 1800 because no sooner had he took the office than facing the crisis with France. The French felt that the Jay's Treaty put the United States on the side of Britain so, in the end, they objected to the Jay's Treaty. John Adams argued that everything should be done to prevent fledgling America from war with France.

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  2. Thank you so much this helped me a lot. But I have 1 more question,
    by "The French felt that the Jay's Treaty put the United States on the side of Britain" Do you mean like... Jay Treaty put the United States On equal terms with Britain?

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