concluding an argument

4 questions
1. In writing, what is a conclusion
A. A central idea
B. Supporting details.
C. The overall topic
D. Final thoughts about a topic^^^
Answer (D. Final thoughts about a topic)
2. Which excerpt from a concluding paragraph about banning plastic bags is written in a formal tone
A. Americans use 100 billion plastic bags each year. We must step up our game and stop using so many single-use plastic bags.
B. Bringing reusable bags to the grocery store is one way the average citizens can help the use of plastic bags. ^^^^
C. Plastic bags should seriously be banned from all across the United states.
D. Like I said, plastic bags are terrible and absolutely shouldn't be used by anyone.
Answer (B.)(sorry I'm not typing all that again)
3. What is a feature of strong conclusion?
A. Restates the claim in a new way^^^^
B. Includes reasons to support the claim.
C. Repeats the topic sentence.
D. Introduces a new central idea.
Answer (a. Restates the claim in a new way)
4.Select the correct answers from the list
A good conclusion ( restates) the central claim and(summarizes)key reasons that support the claim
Answer ( restates) (summarizes)
I got 100 hope you do to

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