Solving Inequalities Portfolio – Unit 4
Make sure you answer each part of each task. Label each answer with the letter that corresponds to it.

Task 1
You can pick any amount of money you want to invest, but keep it logical. I doubt if you have 1 million dollars, but at the same time, $2 is not going to be enough.

You do not have to actually make something. This is all hypothetical. Pick something you think would be interesting or neat to make. One item. Explain why you picked that item. You need to come up with an item, not a service, so no babysitting, lawn mowing, etc.

List the amount it will cost to make one of your items. Let’s say you are going to make cookies. I do not want the amount for flour, sugar, baking soda, etc. You can use those numbers, but you need to state the cost to make 1 cookie. Next you need to state the amount you will sell one of your items for. Example: my cost to make 1 cookie is 4 cents. I will sell one cookie for $1.50.
This question is a yes/no question, but you need to explain your response.

Task 2
Pick a variable to represent your item. I will use x. x = the number of cookies I will make. If my cost is $.04 per cookie, I need to write an inequality with my cost per cookie, my variable, and my total investment amount. Remember, you cannot go over your investment.

Solve your inequality from part a, and graph the solution on a number line. You must include the graph in your submission.
c.- e. Yes, you must complete.

Task 3

You will use the same inequality you created in Task 2a, only now you will add $300 to your investment amount. Solve and graph on a number line. Continue and answer parts b, and c. You do not need to answer d, e, and f.

You must show all work. Please put your answers on the following pages. You can type or hand write.
Answer sheet:
Task 1a: What is your investment amount? _______________________
Task 1b: What item are you going to make and sell? __________________
Why? _______________________________________________________________________
Task 1c: How much will it cost you to make just one of your item? ______________________
How much will you sell each item for (just the price for one of them)? ___________

Task 1 d: Do you think your business will be profitable? ________________
Explain your answer. __________________________________________________
Task 2 a: Cost per item (answer for 1c): ____________________
Investment amount (answer for 1a): _______________
Pick a variable: _______________
Now you need to create an inequality (<, >, ≤, or ≥) with these three terms. Think about the relationship between your cost and your investment amount. Can you spend more money making your items than what you are willing to invest?

What is your inequality: ____________________________________________________

Task 2 b: Solve your inequality here:

You need to graph it on a number line. I recommend you draw this on paper. You can then scan it or take a picture of your graph and upload it to your computer as a jpeg file. Please label it as Task 2b.

Task 2 c: What is your equation? ______________________________________

Task 2 d: What is the most money you can earn from your business? ___________________

Task 2 e: What was your total profit? ____________________
Did you make money or lose money? __________________
Would you adjust your business plan from Task 1? __________________
If so, how? ___________________________________________________________________________

Task 3 a: What is your revised inequality from Task 2 a? ____________________________
You need to graph it. Once again – hand drawn is great. Just label the picture as
Task 3a.

Task 3 b: If you sell your item for the same price, what is the most money you can earn now?

Task 3 c: Will you have to pay your parents? _________________________
If so, how much will you owe them? _______________________

Task 3 d – f: you do not need to complete.

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  1. I need help with that one too

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  2. Bro no one is gonna do a whole portfolio for you, its not hard if you think about it. Its the easiest portfolio we have had in math this year. Most of the questions require you to make numbers up then put it together, then you need to make an inequality question and that's the hardest thing in it but you can use a calculator and punch in the numbers and its solved and you have the problem. Im only here looking up the questions to find an example so i can base my answers off of that then use a different thing and numbers. Unless you use course hero you will not find a portfolio answer and even if you do alot of other kids have been to that site and have already used the same answer before you have and if you copy or restate you will be blamed for plagiarizing and cheating, best thing to do is ask your teacher for help or a family member that knows this and they will help you. If not then hope you get it right and dont cheat on portfolios because you will get caught.

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