Hey guys, I am just starting this new topic, and I have been finding it really confusing. I have an assignment due and I was wondering if someone could help me solve these problems? Thanks!

List all the subsets of each set.

-I have been having trouble finding the subsets for the following problems. Anyone have some tips or some start to help me into the right direction?
1. {0, 1}

2. {-4, 0, 4}

3. {w, x, y, z}

If someone could help me out that would be great. I'm falling behind on my math due to this assignment and I really want some time off for Thanksgiving break. Anyone that could help as soon as they can would be great. Thanks! :D

P.S. These aren't to a quiz or test, so I'm not trying to cheat and look for complete answers. I was just hoping someone could guide me on how to work these out.

- Lupa

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  1. These are to a worksheet assignment :)

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  2. The set of all subsets is called the power set. A set with n elements has 2^n subsets.

    For example, the list of subsets of
    {0,1} is {},{0},{1},{0,1}
    You can think of it as listing all the binary numbers from 0 to N, then selecting those elements that correspond to a 1 in the digit. For example,
    If a set has 3 elements, then for #2 above, with the set {-4,0,4}
    000 : {}
    001 : {4)
    010 : {0}
    011 : {0,4}
    100 : {-4}
    101 : {-4,4}
    110 : {-4,0}
    111 : {-4,0,4}

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