This is a portfolio for connections academy, you choose a room I chose my room and then give me the model measures of my living room and 3 objects using the scale factor.
Here are the steps I really can’t figure it out
Using the scale of 1 in = 2 feet (model to real) you will convert my room and 3 objects.
(You can NOT use decimals...we would not draw a 1.25in line we would draw a 1 1/4 inch line so you must use simplified mixed numbers if you do not get a whole number.)
Living Room real measure is 20 x 12 ft
Couch real measure is 7 1/2 ft x 4 ft
End table real measure is 30 x 42 inches
recliner real measure is 36 x 40 inches
You will take the room and object real measures and simply tell me the model measures for each.

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  1. for each dimension given, to convert x real feet into y model inches, just use the proportion
    y/x = 1/2
    For example, to convert 20 ft to model inches,
    y/20 = 1/2
    y = 10

    for the smaller objects, you can either convert inches to feet first, or change the scale from 1in=2ft to 1in=24in. So, 30 inches converts as
    y/2.5 = 1/2
    y = 1.25
    y/30 = 1/24
    y = 30/24 = 5/4 = 1.25

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  2. Can you give me the answers to all of them please???

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  3. Or just 2 more please please

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  4. Ok so for the living room i got 1.67 feet
    And for the end table I got 3.5 ft
    And for the recliner i got 3.33 ft
    Is this right can you show me please????

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