Which are the reactants of photosynthesis?

C6H12O6+ 6O2

CO2 + H2O+ ATP

C6H12O6 + O2

CO2 + H2O***

One molecule of glucose can release a total of _____ molecules of ATP during its breakdown.





How is carbon moved between the major reservoirs of the carbon cycle?

sunlight and glycolytic conversion

oceanic currents and atmospheric winds

sediment movements and torrential rains

photosynthesis and cellular respiration***

How is photosynthesis different than cellular respiration?

The process involves water.

The process involves oxygen.

The process involves light.***

The process involves carbon dioxide.

A table compares the products and reactants of processes. For which process would water be listed as a product?

cellular respiration***




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  1. All correct, 100% :)

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  2. WOW last year I fail that test pretty bad when i retook it iwas saved by 1 point
    up to this day i still dont undestand it

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  3. 5/5 100% correct just took the quick check for connections academy!

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