Language Arts Conexus

In writing, what is a conclusion?(1 point)

a central idea

the overall topic

supporting details

final thoughts about a topic

Which excerpt from a concluding paragraph about banning plastic bags is written in a formal tone?(1 point)

Like I said, plastic bags are terrible and absolutely shouldn't be used by anyone.

Bringing reusable bags to the grocery store is one way the average citizen can help reduce the use of plastic bags.

Americans use 100 billion plastic bags each year. We must step up our game and stop using so many single-use plastic bags.

Plastic bags should seriously be banned from all stores across the United States.

What is a feature of a strong conclusion?(1 point)

repeats the topic sentence

includes reasons to support the claim

introduces a new central idea

restates the claim in a new way

A good conclusion
the central claim and
key reasons that support the claim.

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  1. Any Connexus students have the awnsers?

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  2. Please help

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  3. i gotchu jit

    1: Final thoughts abt a topic
    2:Bringing reusable bags (mb i aint finna write dat whole thing lol)
    3:Restates the claim in a new way
    4:Box 1: Restates
    4:Box 2: Summarizes

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  4. slave bryson is right! lol
    1. Final thoughts about a topic
    2.Bringing reusable bags to the grocery store is one way the average citizen can help reduce the use of plastic bags.
    3.restates the claim in a new way
    4. (first box) restates (second box) summarizes
    Thanks slave bryson byeee peeps!

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  5. LOST is that you!!

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  6. slave bryson is correct!!! thanks for the 100

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  7. onga bongaaaaaaaaaaaaaa fo lifffffffffffeeeeeeeeeeee

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  8. thanks

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  9. @slave Bryson ty I made a 100% 'w'

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  10. Thanks guys. Have a good day!! :)

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