Select the correct formula for cellular respiration.

Carbon dioxide + water + ATP → glucose + oxygen

Glucose + oxygen → carbon dioxide + water + ATP***

Carbon dioxide + glucose → oxygen + water + ATP

Glucose + water → oxygen + carbon dioxide + ATP

Which is a cofactor?





Glycolysis is the first step in cellular respiration. Which option best summarizes the process?

anaerobic; 6-carbon glucose forms two 3-carbon pyruvates; forms a net total of 4 ATP

aerobic; 6-carbon glucose forms four 3-carbon pyruvates; forms a net total of 3 ATP

aerobic; 6-carbon glucose forms three 2-carbon pyruvates; forms a net total of 2 ATP

anaerobic; 6-carbon glucose forms two 3-carbon pyruvates; forms a net total of 2 ATP***

The Krebs cycle forms many products. Which option lists the correct products of the Krebs cycle after 1 molecule of glucose goes through it?

net 4 NADH, 4 ATP, 8 CO2, 4 FADH2

net 2 NAD+, 2 ATP, 4 CO2, 2 FADH

net 1 NADH, 1 ATP, 2 CO2, 1 FADH2

net 2 NADH, 2 ATP, 4 CO2, 2 FADH2***

Why are NADH and FADH2 necessities in the electron transport chain?

They donate electrons.***

They help break up CO2.

They pick up electrons.

They help form water.

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  1. All correct, 100% :)

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  2. 100% CORRECT!!

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