language arts 7

language arts 7 A/3.heritage /3.10. Heritage Unit Test
Based on the repetition in "Twelfth Song of Thunder," the voice
A. coming from above is more important than the voice coming from below.
B. coming from below is more important than the voice coming from above.
C. coming from above and the voice coming from below are equally important.
D.coming from above and the voice coming from below are equally unimportant. I also need help on the rest. This is the last thing to do for my todays but I wanna hurry up and get done so I can see my mom!!Pls help me. I have 20 questions

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  1. do u know all 20 of the questions?

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  2. Who r u?!?!

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  3. have u done this one??

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  4. can someone pls help this is past due

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  5. does anybody know all 20 of the answers. If so can someone help daisy please. Ive seen her questions all through hear and nobody helped her.

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