Nutrition Ed.

Which one of the major concepts is Not
included in the conceptual framework
on which nutrition education is based?

1. Nutrition is how the body uses food.

2. Food is composed of nutrients
required for health.

3. All persons need a variety of
nutrients throughout life.

4. Handling has no effect on
nutrients in foods.

I know number 2 and 3 are included,
but cannot decide if 1 or 4 is not
included. Can you help? I am probably
leaning more toward #4 as not being
included. Please help! Am I correct,
#4 is not included?

Which choice has a NEGATIVE in it.

Whenever a question asks you "which one... NOT ... " then you need to look for the choice that is different from the others. In this case, all are positive statements except one.

Which one is that?


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asked by Jenna

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