Purpose and point of view quick check
-I need someone to check my answers-

1.What is the definition of authors purpose?
A. The authors attitude about the topic
B. The authors main idea
C. The authors reason for writing***
2. What is the definition of point of view?
A. The authors topic
B. The authirs attitude toward the topic**
C. The authors reason for writing
D. The authors main idea
3. An authors purpose for writing is to inform how do writers accomplish this purpose?
A. By Persuading readers to agree with their ideas and think or act differently as a result.
B. By presenting facts to teach the readers about the topic.
C. By making readers understand their point of view
D. By describing people, places, or events in an enjoyable way. **
And the last one I dont need help on. I need this completed by tomorrow. I just need a bit of help

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  1. just checked it is


    Hope this helps a lot.

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  2. 1 the author's reason for writing
    2 the author's attitude toward the topic
    3 by presenting facts to teach their readers about a topic
    4 Follow the recommended guidelines of daily caffeine consumption to maintain a healthy lifestyle

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  3. The answers are

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  4. The answers are rearranged for everyone. ATrain is correct

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  5. What is point of view?(1 point)

    the authorā€™s perspective on a series of events

    the way a character develops over time

    the way a narrator sees and experiences events

    the order in which events unfold

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  6. what is the answer

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  7. i need the answers for

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